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Get unique Maldives Hotel deals that can beat the booking sites by negotiating direct with booking staff. It’s the next big travel secret and we make it easy. Your loved ones will thank you. Your friends won’t know how you did it.

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All bookings, confirmations and payments are direct from the Maldives.

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Every year thousands of people like you treat their loved ones with a Maldives holiday. Like you, they want to trade grey rainclouds for warm tropical sun.

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Like you, they scour the traditional booking sites for the right holiday at the best price. They find one that looks right. They book it online. They probably didn’t get the best deal. Why? Because they relied on the usual hotel booking websites. Yes, they’re convenient, but they conceal the customer-by-customer deals that hotels are eager to make when you speak to them directly.

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Madly Maldives makes it easy, efficient and effective to negotiate with scores of hotel booking desks at once.

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Few people know that hotels can beat their advertised prices if approached directly. Even if you do know it, there’s just too many hotels you could approach. This is why you end up on the big booking sites. They’re like “holiday supermarkets”: more convenient, but you’re not getting the full story and you’re not truly in control of your family holiday, honeymoon or romantic getaway.

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Get a better deal with Madly Maldives

Our dedicated team of booking negotiators will represent your exact needs and hopes with the full range of relevant accommodation providers.

On your behalf, we’ll work directly with our established contacts at hotel booking desks across the Maldives.

When they need to fill vacancies at discount rates, we know.

When they have special sales, we’re told in advance.

When your family has unique requirements, they take care of you.

Visit our FAQ page for full details of how it works.

No head-scratching. No stress. No guesswork.

You won’t arrive at the airport without a hotel transfer.

Your group won’t be split up in rooms scattered through a hotel.

You won’t worry whether your inclusions are confirmed.

You and your loved ones might even get an even more luxurious resort than you expected.

People like you are already having better holidays with Madly Maldives

We understand that we’re something new and different in accommodation booking. Here’s a few facts about us:


Around 1,000 people like you have made enquiries through our system.


More than 30 percent of all Maldives hotels and resorts have joined us.


We do not accept or process any payments. You finalise your booking with the hotel you choose.


Our staff are deeply experienced in the unique one-resort-per-island structure of Maldives tourism.

What people are saying about Madly Maldives

We are extremely satisfied with our stay in the Maldives on a beautiful small Island with a beach, in bungalows over the water. My family enjoyed the water activities. The calm scenery of the seaside was very relaxing. Our trip was perfectly arranged by Madly Maldives. It’s the best travel experience we’ve had so far.

Radu M

It was a very remarkable vacation we had in Angaga. My husband and I were able to spend our one-week honeymoon on a perfect Maldivian island. It would not be possible if it wasn’t for Madly Maldives who helped us arrange this unforgettable experience. Thank you so much.

Anna Erik

We had the best time here in the Maldives as part of a three-week trip around Asia. The island is amazing and beautiful with crystal clear waters and wonderful sea life. Our agent from Madly Maldives was very accommodating and gave us the best hotel choice. To sum up, it’s a very lovely vacation.

Simon W Smith

Find direct deals with multiple hotels easily

All you need is a little patience. Getting the true best prices involves negotiation. This might take 48 hours. Not too long when you’re planning your break months in advance…

We do it all for you.

We cut through the overwhelming market on your behalf.

We get the real answers to all your questions.

We don’t lock you into any contracts, commitments or subscriptions.

Remember, the prices on big booking sites are usually higher as a trade-off for the convenience of instant booking. We don’t do that.

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It all starts when you make a no-obligation enquiry.

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If you make a price enquiry, rest assured it will be handled by well-connected booking experts.

When we get back to you, you’re free to compare our prices and inclusions against any other deals you find online.

If you’d like to know more, please visit our direct booking FAQs or Maldives hotel news.

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