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Traveling to Maldives is a dream come true for many people – it can be for leisure, for work, studies, or even residence. The country allows anyone who wishes to stay to do so, provided they have the proper documents sorted out first. One of those requirements is the right visa for your staying conditions. Whether you’re looking for a few weeks of vacation, or you’re there to marry one of the locals, Maldives has rules and conditions for the type of visa you’ll need.

Travel visa

You don’t need a pre-arrival visa to enter the country. Instead, you will be given a tourist visa, which is granted for all nationalities. You can be given a maximum of 30 days depending on the decision of the Immigration. You can also request for an extension at the Head Office and should not take more than two days to process.

There are a maximum 90 days that can be given in a single entry, which includes the free 30 days that you are entitled to on your visa before the extension. And while you hold a tourist visa, you are not allowed employment, as you will be deported if caught. Anyone granted with an Employment Approval is granted the resident visa. The employee must arrive at Maldives with a copy of the EA and it must also be declared in the Embarkation form.

Permit holders should carry a valid Work Visa card always, as they may face immediate removal without any consultation with the employer. Students who wish to continue studies in the country can apply for a student visa. This visa prohibits the holder from being employed in the country, and if caught, the student can be deported. The visa is valid as long as the holder is studying in the country.

The wife, husband, or children of foreigners with a Resident Permit and a valid Work Visa can be granted the dependent visa. The dependent visa is charged MRF 750 for three months, and the Resident Permit holder must have a «no objection» letter from the employer when a dependent visa under theirs is applied for. The children of the Resident Permit holder should be less than 18 years old. The dependent can enter Maldives on a tourist visa, then apply to the Immigration for a dependent visa.

They should also apply before their tourist visa expires, as they can face immediate removal if not done so. As well, the marriage visa will be canceled when the marriage is nullified by the court of law and as soon as the Immigration is informed. They will, however, give the foreign spouse time to sort out their affairs before fully revoking the visa. If a Maldivian man is married to a foreign woman and he dies under that contract, the foreign woman is entitled to a widow visa, which will only be revoked once they remarry.

Requirements The Maldivian visas have varying requirements, depending on the type and the regulations of the Immigration.

Tourist visa

Enough funds to cover the expenses for the duration of their stay in the country or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel in the country.

A valid letter to the Immigration, by the guardian, stating the intention of the applicant to study in Maldives, a confirmation that the guardian will act as such to the applicant, and the field of study.

Visa renewal Maldivian tourist visas can be renewed – extending it to a maximum of 90 days . The Immigration will assess the applicant’s financial position for the stay period to see if they will grant the extension or not. As with any country, a person can be barred from entering if the Immigration deems them unfit during questioning or interrogation.

Staying in Maldives can be a wonderful experience. Whether it’s for a few weeks or for a lifetime, as long as your visa can let you stay peacefully in the country, you’re sure to enjoy the everyday life.